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For years we offer our services in consultation and marketing of hotels to a continuously growing clientele. Among our customers we count considerable enterprises from all ranges and private persons. All of them admire our competent and individually tailored advices and marketing achievements, which led in the last year to a good balance of payments on current accounts. Privacy and reliability have significant value for us. With many years of experienced and succeeding hotel specialists, we therefore attach particular importance to complete personal and individual tailored advice. Main focus of our activities are the expert advise and equipment procurement (if desired with financing) in all interests of the hotel trade as well as sales and the lease of hotels.

Procurement of users ( renter/locator/customer) and investors: active procurement of users and investors of europaen and international hotel companies e.g., from an own special database.

Commercial marketing revenue values and realistic estimate of the marketing chances: Calculation of the commercial marketing revenue value of hotels (realistic selling prices and/or leases), independent of traffic or productive values, which are not reimbursed anymore today.

Hotel marketing: Coaching and a practicable marketing manual to increase the extent of utilization and conversion with measurable success.

Reorganization concepts and implementation: Analysis of existing and current hotels regarding their reorganization ability (actual state analysis and development of reorganization concepts) as well as pursuing prognoses.

Location, market and hotel analyses: Macro /Micro location, infrastructure, yields factors, competitive position, market chance evaluation, strength and weakness profile, development of use orientated -conception meeting demands, operating prognoses, sensitivity tests.

Plausibility check/feasibility studies (chances of success): Qualification of market driven conditions of projects and objects by examination of the economic plausibility, statement of sustainability.

Ratings in the hotel industry: Industrial specific know-how as substantial addition for internal ratings of banks, external ratings for hotel operators.

Quality analysis/anonymous quality test: Extensive hotel check with more than 400 criteria, objective operating comparisons, control of the flow charts, production of action guidances, discrete procedure.

Management consultation: Enterprise analyses, strategy development/consultation.

Enterprise successor: Consultation, introduction and assumption of measures.

Business startup consultation: Businessplans, concept examination, calculation of investment needs.

Object procurement: Selective acquisition of hotels for noted customers and clients.

Equipment: We provide appliance and equipment for your enterprise and if desired, also the suitable financing.



Resulting of our experience of many years is, that a clear and structured analysis of the output conditions is basis of a promissing future strategy. Quality and efficiency controls, weak point and economic analyses of enterprises are our proven tools. This covers the active and technically founded examination of single enterprises and projects and/or entire tourism Portfolios.


Constructing on our results of analysis we define a powerful future strategy with lasting competition advantage in coordination with our client. In the strategy identification or strategy revision process on the base of the raised location potential, sustainable futures concept are defined and examined for its capital and economic feasibility.


The necessity to convert the compiled recommendations for action uncompromisingly, requires an experienced external control instance, in order to establish also lasting planned success.        Constructing on our operational guidance experience we coach the management locally. If necessary we take over also the interim guidance of enterprises temporarily. Operational enterprise reorganizations up to acquisition of new, qualified operators and/or purchasers are equally part of our proven achievement portfolio.

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