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Welcome to Naty Projects Ltd.

Partner of the hotel industry

Whether calculations of profits, market analyses, bank appraisals, financing and investment consultation or Basel II-support up to the management coaching - we are there to help you.

If you don�t know about us or only found few informations about us in the internet : We would be pleased to hear from you to! Please let us know your desires and questions, we gladly provide advise with all mandatory details.

In short you should know the following about us: Our business stands for years for outstanding hotel consultation. Our special competence lies, among other things, in the range Hotelcoaching and business successor. We can do that for you:


The experience of many years of our team teaches us that the basics of a sustainable future strategy is a clear and structured analysis of the initial position.

Controling of quality standards and efficiency, analysis of weakpoints and operational analysis of the business are our proven tools. Here our service covers the active and technically founded examination of individual enterprises, projects and/or entire tourism portfolio.


Based on the results of  the personalized analysis, we define a powerful future strategy with lasting competitive advantages in close collaboration with our client.

In the process of strategy identification and strategy revision, based on the business analysis of  location and potential - the load-carrying future concepts are defined and examined at its capital and economic feasibility.


The necessity to convert the compiled recommendations for uncompromising actions, require an experienced external control instance in order to establish planned success also durably. Resorting on our leadership experience we coach the operating management locally. If requested we may also take over the management for a suspended period of time. Operative business reorganization up to the acquisition of new, qualified managers and/or purchasers are likewise part of our proven achievement Portfolios.

We implement for you:

With determination, measurably and uncompromising.

With that we remain at any time team-motivating.

Naty Projects Ltd <>- Cyprus